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Northern entrance

The roundabout and the section of the road adjacent to the development were constructed and upgraded by Two Rivers Development. The roundabout is also landscaped and maintained by the Two Rivers urban management team. This alternative entrance has greatly contributed to the easing of traffic at the entrances, improving accessibility to the development.

Southern entrance

Limuru Road (primary) entrance to the development. The overpass, underpass, roundabout was developed by Two Rivers, including the roundabout at the underpass. This section of Limuru Road was also upgraded by Two Rivers. These enhancements have greatly improved accessibility to the precinct.

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Two Rivers Power Company, supplies power to the development, with the following infrastructure;

  • 23MVA Substation with 66kV stable main supply line
  • 66Kv power is stepped down to 11Kv for distribution to each plot in the development
  • A secondary supply line of 1.5 MVA (11kV/415V) also supplies each plot in the development as a back-up line
  • 1.2 MW solar PV plant that supplies the development with renewable energy
  • 3 x 2.5 MVA diesel generators for the key infrastructure components of the development i.e. water plant, security centre, street lights.
About Riverbank Apartments

Two Rivers Water and Sanitation Company provides to the development the below water and sanitation infrastructure;

  • The region’s largest reverse osmosis water treatment plant with capacity to treat 2 million litres of water per day
  • 1500 Cubic Meters per day Sewerage Treatment Plant (MBBR)
  • Fully equipped state of the art laboratory
  • Water reticulation and sewer lines
  • Blue scope Water Tanks
  • SCADA monitoring system
  • 80% of gray water is recycled and treated to World Health Organisation standards
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USD 10 Million invested towards the development of smart security systems with the following capabilities:

  • Optimal CCTV coverage obtained by use of high definition, multi-directional, auto-focus cameras
  • Intelligent video analytics
  • Photo badging, visitor management and crash related bollards
  • Intelligent and advanced threat detection
  • Fast and effective yet unobtrusive people and vehicular screening
  • Various screening systems deployed in all public access points
  • Real time monitoring and alert generation
  • Event and Incident management
  • Operational Control
  • Trend analysis
About Riverbank Apartments

Two Rivers is the first destination in East and Central Africa designed as a smart city featuring:

  • Data Center: Tier 4 ready data center offering community cloud and data hosting
  • GPON ring delivering over 20Gbps bandwidth speeds within the infrastructure
  • Triple play connection running over single broadband to deliver internet, IPTV and Fixed telephony to tenants and residents.
  • 4G Hotspot: Improved LTE network offering (3G/4G) from all service providers.
  • TR Mobile App: A functional and user-focused mobile application to help with mobility & integration around the destination
About Riverbank Apartments